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Here are more of the common causes that lead to rescuers drowning. For each cause, one or more solutions for trying to prevent rescuer drowning are given.

Lacking equipment

To make sure rescuers have the proper equipment, invest first in PPE and then identify additional equipment needs that would support:

  • Shore-based rescue
  • Boat-based rescue
  • Go/direct contact rescue

Having insufficient backup

To provide sufficient backup:

Having improper incident scene command and control

To avoid this issue, follow the Incident Command System. As explained in Unit 4 of this course, this includes:

  • Establishing an incident commander (IC) and safety officer at every incident
  • Developing and implementing an accountability system
  • Assigning specific water rescue resources to perform the rescue
  • Having adequate backup in place
  • Having on-site medical personnel for both the victim(s) and rescuer
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