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Transcript for Water Rescue: Is Your Community Ready?

Dispatcher [over radio] : Station 99, respond to a vehicle in the water. Approximately 1/2 mile north on Kettle Creek Road. Time, 13:15.

Narrator: Your pager goes off. You immediately leave your house, and head to the station. A vehicle in the water.

  • Do you have the training to engage?
  • What are the risks and hazards you will encounter?
  • How will you keep you and your team safe?
  • What type of personal protective equipment and specialized rescue tools will you need?

Yearly, the number of water calls continues to grow. Incidents can be swift water; flash flooding; ice and cold water; entrapments; body recoveries; night operations; industrial and/or hazmat incidents; urban, suburban, and rural locations. The incident size and scope can be small and localized or impact a large geographical area, taxing and exceeding the response, resources, and personnel.

And in certain situations, access to the areas may only be possible with highly trained aerial assets and resources. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission provides awareness, operation, and technician-level water rescue training that prepares response personnel and agencies to engage in these high-risk, low-frequency events. The training will teach you about water safety, rescue, and the steps you will need to take when you arrive first on scene.

On screen: For more information contact:
Boating and Watercraft Safety Manager
PA Fish and Boat Commission
1601 Elmerton Ave. - PO Box 67000
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000


Copyright: PA Fish and Boat Commission
Video by: Chris A. Calhoun

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