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The AHJ should identify the criteria for personnel working in these zones.

  • Hot Zone—the most dangerous area
    • This area requires the highest level trained personnel using mission-specific PPE to engage in the hostile environment.
    • Personnel must have the ability to self-rescue and directly engage in the rescue operation.
    • The area is mission-specific and can evolve as the incident progresses. It includes the water and 15 to 20 feet from the water.
    • The area should be visually restricted and access controlled.
  • Warm Zone—the transition area between the hot and cold zones
    • Staging and decontamination of equipment occurs here.
    • At a minimum, PPE must include a PFD, a helmet, and thermal protection.
  • Cold Zone—the least dangerous area
    • This is the support area for the incident.
    • This zone may contain the command post, medical support, media area, and rehabilitation area.
Water rescuer overseeing raft operation
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