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Transcript for Mission-Specific Personal Protective Equipment

Dispatcher [over radio]: Duryea Fire. It’s a local fire. Home and porch fire. Respond. Report a structure fire at 204 Stevenson Street. Fire is reported in the kitchen. All occupants have been advised to evacuate the structure. Engines 96, 71, 93.

Responder 1: Where we going anyways?

Responder 2: 204 Stevenson Street.

Responder 1: I think that’s that double block up on the left.

Responder 2: Gotcha.

Narrator: Entering a burning building wearing personal protective equipment specifically designed for water rescue operations seems far-fetched. Well, if that’s the case, then why do fire personnel wear bunker gear next to or in the actual hot zone at a water rescue incident?

Watch what happens when the rescuer falls into the swimming pool wearing bunker gear and no personal flotation device. Even when they don a personal flotation device, the weight of the gear still makes it challenging for them to remain at the surface.

Remember what you’re watching. These situations are staged under controlled conditions. The individual determines when they’re going to enter the water. There are public safety divers in the pool to assist a rescuer as well as safety and medical personnel on the deck.

The water has no current and it is clear. The temperatures of both the water and the air are warm. There are no severe weather conditions or limited visibility concerns.

Consider now falling into these conditions wearing bunker gear as opposed to wearing water rescue personal protective equipment. This rescuer is wearing the right protective equipment and will get out of the water. Be smart. Dress right from the start.

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