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Ignition Safety Switch

On-screen text: BOATING

Speaker 1: Tell us who should be using an ignition safety switch.

Speaker 2: We recommend that all boat operators on New Hampshire waters wear an ignition safety switch, which will kill the engine and stop the boat in the event that they’re thrown from the vessel.

Speaker 1: Why is it important?

Speaker 2: Oftentimes, we find that if somebody is ejected from the boat, and they were not wearing an engine cut-off switch, that the boat will circle at high rates of speed around them, making it very difficult—if not impossible—for them to reboard the vessel and get to help. We have had numerous instances where people have drowned, been hit by the boat, suffered severe trauma and death.

Speaker 1: Plain and simple, an ignition safety switch means if you fall out of the boat, the boat cuts off, and you don’t get hurt. You don’t hurt anybody else, and you’ve got control of your boat.

Speaker 2: Exactly.

Speaker 1: OK.

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