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PWC jetstream and Warning note: Severe internal injuries can occur if passenger is close to jet thrust nozzle. Wear a wetsuit bottom or clothing for protection. Do not board PWC if operator is applying throttle.

The jet of water that comes out the steering nozzle at the back of the PWC is extremely dangerous. The jet stream is powerful enough to force water into a person’s body cavities, causing serious internal injuries, permanent disability, or death.

To avoid jet stream injuries:

  • Connect the ECOS lanyard to the operator’s wrist or PFD. If the operator ends up in the water, shutting off the engine stops the jet stream.
  • Wear a wetsuit or other protective clothing that will keep the jet stream from entering your body cavities.
    • This is recommended for both the operator and any passengers.
    • Passengers could fall off the PWC into the path of the jet stream before the operator can stop the engine.
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