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Wakeboarder towed behind a boat

Vessel operators towing a person(s) on water skis, aquaplanes, kneeboards, inner tubes, or any other device must do so safely and responsibly.

  • It is illegal for vessels to tow persons on water skis, surfboards, or any other device between sunset and sunrise.
  • A reasonable distance from other vessels, people, and property must be maintained so as not to endanger life or property. It is illegal to ski within:
    • 100 feet of a commercial boat dock, a moorage harbor, or a swimming area
    • 2,000 feet of a lock or dam
  • Vessels towing person(s) on airborne devices, such as parasails or kites, must:
    • Have on board a person at least 12 years old, in addition to the vessel operator.
    • Stay at least 500 feet from commercial docks and ramps.
    • Limit the tow rope to 150 feet or less in length.
    • Tow no more than two persons at any time.
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