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For minor injury and property damage accidents:

  • Contact law enforcement authorities.
  • Provide first aid, and help injured persons reach medical treatment.
  • Recover and secure damaged property if you can do so safely.

A written report is required if an accident results in:

  • Loss of life or the disappearance of any occupant (report must be filed within 24 hours) or...
  • Injury needing medical treatment beyond first aid or property damage over $1,000 (report must be filed within 5 days) or...
  • Complete loss of a vessel.

Use the required form provided by ODNR, Division of Parks & Watercraft.

  • To obtain a form, contact any ODNR, Division of Parks & Watercraft office, or download the form from the ODNR website.
  • Send the completed report to:
    ODNR, Division of Parks & Watercraft
    2045 Morse Road, Building C
    Columbus, OH 43229
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