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Wisconsin law states that these dangerous operating practices are illegal.

Unsafe Condition is placing or leaving in public waters any vessel that is not safe to operate. Law enforcement officers may instruct the operator to take immediate corrective action or return to mooring if any of the following “unsafe conditions” exist.

  • The vessel is overloaded or overpowered.
  • There are insufficient personal flotation devices, fire extinguishers, backfire flame arrestors, ventilation systems, or navigation lights.
  • The vessel is leaking fuel or has fuel in the bilges.

Overloading is loading the vessel beyond the recommended capacity shown on the capacity plate installed by the vessel manufacturer.

Overpowering is providing more power than is needed. It is illegal to sell, equip, operate, or allow others to operate a boat with any motor or other propulsion machinery beyond its safe power capacity.

Operating a Boat With a Person Riding on the Bow, Deck, or Gunwale is allowing the operator or passengers to ride on the bow, gunwale, transom, seat backs, seats on raised decks, or any other place where there may be a chance of falling  overboard.

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