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Use this chart to determine the type and quantity of fire extinguishers required for your vessel.

Length of Vessel Without Fixed System With Fixed System*
Less than 16 feet none** none
16 feet to less than 26 feet one 5-B*** none
26 feet to less
than 40 feet
two 5-B or one 20-B one 5-B
40 feet to less
than 65 feet
three 5-B or one 20-B and one 5-B two 5-B or one 20-B
*Refers to a permanently installed fire extinguisher system
**One 5-B extinguisher is required if boating on federally controlled waters.
***Not required if a vessel is of open construction, is less than 26 feet in length, has an outboard engine, is not carrying passengers for hire, and is not on federally controlled waters. One 5-B extinguisher is required if on federally controlled waters.

For carriage requirements, one 5-B is equivalent to one B-I, and one 20-B is equivalent to one B-II.

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