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  • Remove all plant parts and animals from your boat motor, trailer, anchors, fishing gear, and dive gear. Dispose of plant and animal matter above the waterline on dry land or in a trash can.
  • Dispose of live well, bait, and cooling water away from the shore before leaving the area.
  • Never release a plant or animal into a body of water unless it came out of that body of water.
  • Wash your boat, preferably with hot water, and allow it to dry completely before entering another body of water.
  • Familiarize yourself with invasive species by requesting one of our free color guides to invasive aquatic plants, and spread the word to others about invasive species.
  • Get involved. Request a free “Stop the Spread” sign for your boat ramp, or join a weed-monitoring group to identify and eradicate new infestations in your lake before they become permanently established.
  • Be alert for zebra mussels. They have not yet been reported in Massachusetts but are established in New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. Zebra mussels can destroy dive gear, boat motors, and other engines. Please report any possible infestation by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation, Lakes & Ponds Program, at 617-626-1411 or
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