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Two anglers standing in a boat and fishing

Fishing is the most popular activity among boaters.

  • Anglers using vessels can be at risk. Unfortunately, anglers capsizing or falling overboard are common fatal boating accidents.
  • Anglers who use vessels to fish need to think of themselves first as vessel operators. If you fish and boat, you should:
    • Know and follow all safe boating laws and requirements.
    • Pay attention to the capacity plate and not overload your vessel.
    • Wear a PFD especially when the water is cold or when fishing alone or in remote areas. (A wearable PFD is required in most competitive fishing tournaments.)
    • Recycle or toss used fishing line into receptacles on shore and not into the water or onto shorelines. Fishing line is not biodegradable and is dangerous to wildlife and propellers.
    • Take care of your fishing boat just like you do your fishing equipment.
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