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Here are some additional facts about titling and registering your vessel.

  • All vessels that require registration must also be titled in Montana. You must apply for a title within 40 days of the purchase or transfer.
  • Validation decals are in effect for 3-year periods and expire on February 28 of the last year of the period.
  • New boat owners can title, register, and obtain the permanent registration and validation decals from their local county treasurer's office.
  • Boat owners who have already received their permanent registration decal can obtain the free validation decals from their local Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) office or order them online at the FWP website.
  • The owner of a numbered vessel must notify the county treasurer within a reasonable amount of time if:
    • He or she changes address.
    • The vessel is lost, stolen, destroyed, abandoned, or sold.
  • Larger recreational vessels owned by U.S. citizens may (at the option of the owner) be documented by the USCG. Call the USCG's Documentation Center at 1-800-799-8362 for more information.
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