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These dangerous operating practices are illegal under Oregon law.

Overloading is loading the boat beyond the recommended capacity shown on the capacity plate installed by the boat manufacturer.

Riding on the Bow, Deck, or Gunwale is allowing passengers to ride or sit on the bow, gunwale, transom, seat backs, seats on raised decks, or any other place where there may be a chance of falling overboard while operating at a speed greater than 5 mph unless the boat has adequate guards or railing. It is illegal to allow any person(s) to ride on any portion of the boat aft of the transom (including a step, ladder, platform, or deck) while underway.

Failure to Maintain a Proper Lookout is operating a boat while failing to keep a constant lookout for other boats and persons in the water. An example is an operator who is pulling and watching a towed person, not the water ahead.

Especially Hazardous Condition is operating a boat in a condition that causes a hazard to the occupants or others on the waterways. Marine Patrol officers may instruct the operator to move the boat to the nearest safe moorage if:

  • There are improper or insufficient personal flotation devices; fire extinguishers; backfire flame arrestors; or navigation lights between sunset and sunrise.
  • The boat is overloaded or overpowered.
  • The boat is leaking fuel.
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