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Oregon residents and out-of-state operators of non-motorized boats, i.e. canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, rafts, drift boats and other manually powered boats, which are 10 feet in length or longer must carry a Waterway Access Permit when paddling on Oregon waters. You will need to purchase:

  • a one week ($5), or
  • a one year ($17), or
  • a two-year ($30) permit when operating on Oregon waters.

One permit is required per boat; the permit is transferable from boat to boat, and not required for youth 13 and younger.

The permit funds two programs:

  • AIS Prevention Program and non-motorized access.
  • These programs will improve facilities by adding single parking spaces, non-motorized boat launches, restrooms, low-freeboard docks, etc. and will continue to inspect boats for aquatic invasive species at the roadside inspection stations.

Go to the OSMB website for more information on where to purchase the permits.

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