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Course Outline

You’ve completed the material of Unit 4 of the online boating safety course!

You should now:

  • Know which boats need to be registered and how to do so.
  • Be able to correctly place registration numbers and decals on a vessel.
  • Know where to find the HIN.
  • Know the age restrictions on operation.
  • Be able to list the unlawful behaviors that should be avoided when operating a boat.
  • Be able to explain the dangers of consuming alcohol or drugs while boating and the penalties for doing so.
  • Be able to identify classifications and uses of PFDs and state the legal requirements.
  • Know the legal requirements for fire extinguishers, backfire flame arrestors, ventilation systems, and mufflers.
  • Know the legal navigation light requirements.
  • Know the legal requirements for VDSs and sound-producing devices.
  • Know requirements for other equipment such as diver-down flags.
  • Understand the legal requirements specific to PWC.
  • Know the legal requirements for towing a skier with a vessel.
  • Understand how to properly dispose of waste, oil, and trash and properly use MSDs.
  • Know when and how to report a boating accident.
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