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PWC jumping wake of a boat; prohibited sign on the image

In West Virginia, these are the operating laws for PWC.

  • PWC may be operated only during daylight hours (between sunrise and sunset).
  • PWC must be operated in a responsible manner. Remember, it is illegal to:
    • Weave your PWC through congested traffic.
    • Jump the wake of another vessel unreasonably close to that vessel or when visibility is obstructed.
    • Become airborne while crossing the wake of another vessel and within 100 feet of that vessel.
    • Operate at greater than “no wake speed” within 100 feet of an anchored vessel, shoreline, dock, pier, swim float, marked swimming area, swimmers, surfers, fishermen, or manually powered boats.
    • Exceed 10 miles per hour if you are following another vessel within 100 feet of its rear or 50 feet of its side.
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