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All right, so you finished Unit 1. Now we’re getting ready to take the quiz. I’m going to run over a couple of things that I think everybody needs to know going into the quiz. OK—first, it’s really important that you remember both sides of the boat.

On screen: A diagram shows that the side of the boat to the operator’s left is port and right is starboard.


Can you locate the stern and bow? Know the hull types and the hull shapes. Know those four basic engine types—what are stern drives and inboard engines? Recognize the U.S. Coast Guard definition of a personal watercraft. Is there a difference in the laws for personal watercraft and other vessels? Know what info is on the capacity plate and where to find it. Name three things that should be in your float plan. Be a master of safe fueling, of course. What is tongue weight? You’re going to crisscross those safety chains, too, right? Where’s the safe and polite place to prep your boat before launch? And get your engine maintenance down cold. Too easy, right? You’re going to ace the quiz, and then we’ll see you in Unit 2.

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