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Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are threatening the public’s angling and boating recreation and our state’s water and electrical infrastructure. It is critical for anyone who owns or uses watercraft, or has a business reliant on watercraft, to understand the essential nature of this AIS containment effort by the AZGFD. The spread of quagga mussels and other AIS has far-reaching impacts, both financial and ecological, that can touch virtually every resident of the state. Whether you fish, boat, or simply get water and electricity to your home, these aquatic invaders will affect your lifestyle…and possibly your wallet.

Arizona’s AIS Interdiction Act (HB2157) was approved and signed into law in July of 2009. This legislation created a mechanism for the state of Arizona to statutorily address invasive species in the aquatic environment, administered through the AZGFD.

Day users who have been in or on infested AIS waters for 5 days or less need to clean, drain, and dry watercraft and equipment. This means that after pulling your boat out of the water and before you leave the vicinity, remove all clinging material, remove your plug, and ensure watercraft and all equipment is dried completely. Please refer to the department’s website for details and for information on what to do if you have been in or on AIS-infested waters for six or more consecutive days.

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