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So, you ever wonder what makes these machines so much fun? Well really, it’s the same two things that can get you into trouble in a hurry: extreme speed and maneuverability.



Considering this dicey combination, it’s smart to use some extra common sense along with these pointers while operating on the water. Maintain a safe distance. Don’t ride too closely behind another machine. A sharp turn, stalling, or someone falling off? Bam, you might run them over. Not good. When you’re going fast, it’s easy to only focus on what’s ahead of you. But it’s what’s happening all around you that can suddenly cause a problem.

So avoid tunnel vision, and remain aware of other boats. And that means looking behind you to both shoulders before making turns. Avoid passing too closely by or behind other vessels. They could easily block your view of oncoming boats or watercraft. If pulling a skier or other boarder, use a craft rated for three people: you, an observer, and the boarder.


Let’s be realistic. If you’re like most boaters, you either love these things or you hate them.


But if everyone just spent a little time getting to know the responsible way to operate these machines, they’d appreciate how much fun they actually are. And it all comes down to courtesy.



Now, it’s easy to see that these machines are fast and maneuverable, so they naturally inspire fun on the water. And that’s why sometimes they get a bad rap from a few people recklessly hotdogging or disrespecting others by pushing the limits of fun.


So what’s the difference between having fun and being a jerk while operating one of these machines?


Fun or jerk? You pick.

A PWC operator rides by someone snoozing on a raft, spraying them with water.

Attempting to spray others with your machine?

A “Jerk” stamp appears on screen.

No, you won’t pick up any dates being a jerk. Slows down and gives way to another passing boat?

A “Fun” stamp appears on screen.

Yeah, being nice makes it fun. Now, what about jumping the wake of other boats? Well, that is also being a jerk.

A man stands alone fishing on a boat.

Now, look at this idyllic situation.

A PWC speeds by the boat, shocking the man.

Hotdogging too close to others? You scared the fish away, and you are being a jerk. Now, what about going fast on wide open water? Now, this is fun.


I think you get the idea. It’s about being respectful and courteously sharing the water with others and following the laws in your area.


So now that you know more about handling these things safely, go ahead and have some, well, responsible fun out there. All right. See you.

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