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PWC jumping wake of a boat; prohibited sign on the image

It is illegal to operate a PWC between sunset and sunrise or during periods of restricted visibility unless the PWC is equipped with the proper navigation lights.

PWC must be operated in a careful and responsible manner. It is considered reckless operation if a PWC operator commits two or more of the following acts simultaneously:

  • Operating within 60 feet of another vessel above a wakeless speed
  • Operating within the vicinity of a vessel in a manner that obstructs the visibility of either operator
  • Heading into the wake of a vessel that is within 60 feet and causing half or more of the length of the PWC to leave the water
  • Operating within 60 feet of another vessel, maneuvering quickly, turning sharply, or swerving unless the maneuver is necessary to avoid a collision

A PWC may not be loaded with passengers and gear beyond the safe carrying capacity recommended by the PWC manufacturer.

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