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Boater waving to another PWC operator who is passing too close

While these rules of courteous operation are especially important for PWC operators, they apply to all other vessel operators as well.

  • Jumping the wake of a passing boat, or riding too close to another PWC or boat, creates risks and is restricted or even prohibited in some states. Here’s why.
    • The boat making the wake may block the PWC operator’s view of oncoming traffic and also conceal the PWC operator from approaching vessels.
    • It can be very stressful for boat operators to have a PWC continually in close proximity to their boats.
    • Wake jumping and riding too close to other vessels are common complaints others have against PWC operators.
  • Do not attempt to spray others with the wake of your PWC. Not only is this discourteous, but it is also dangerous and reckless operation.
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