Boating DUI Infographic short

Drinking and Boating: A Deadly Mix

Before the thought of drinking on a boat crosses your mind, consider the physical and legal consequences of boating under the influence of alcohol. Not only is operating a boat while intoxicated illegal in all 50 states, it’s also dangerous and can have deadly consequences. The Law In addition to federal laws against operating a watercraft under the influence, various[…]

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fishing license kid

How to get a fishing license

Looking to cast your fishing rods this summer? Well, you might not be able to without a license! The requirements for obtaining a fishing license vary by state, with each agency setting its own rules and regulations. For example, in Texas, residents and non-residents under the age of 17 are exempt from buying a license, but in Alabama the minimum[…]

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Ceviche Verde

Summer Boating Recipe: Ceviche Verde

Guest post by The Galley Pirates You cannot go cruising without a good ceviche recipe.  Nothing says summer like it.  No, it’s not summer here yet, but it is SO very much closer than it has been for SO long that we just couldn’t stand it—like that weekend in March when it hits 50 degrees and everyone in New England[…]

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RMS Titanic

Boat Ed’s Top 10 Most Famous Ships in History

Before trains, planes, or automobiles, boating was the way to get where you wanted to go. In the past, sailing was the sole method for transporting goods and supplies around the world. During wartime, ships were also an integral part of strategy and tactics. As you can guess, that means there were quite a lot! But out of all those,[…]

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Can you tell if someone is drowning Infographic

The Common Causes of Drowning

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 398 people drowned in boating-related incidents in 2013. That’s more than one person for every day of the year! A number of these deaths can be prevented by taking proper safety precautions like wearing a life jacket, sailing sober, and taking a boating education course. Want to know more? Here’s a list of common,[…]

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5 kinds of boating knots graphic

Fit to Be Tied: 5 Essential Knots for Boaters

Although there seems to be an endless selection of boating knots out there, most boaters can get by with just the basics. Listed below are five basic boating knots you should know. Find out what their uses are—and, most importantly, how to tie them—then grab some rope or a shoestring and practice on your own! Bowline If there’s one knot[…]

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woman padding origami boat

Giant origami boat launched in England

Last week, BBC News reported that engineers in England had constructed a twelve-foot long origami-style boat made entirely out of paper! The boat was launched by schoolchildren and captained by Morwenna Wilson, a descendant of notable engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and an engineer herself. Brunel is known for designing the 19th-century long-distance passenger ship SS Great Britain, which was made[…]

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man wakeboarding behind boat

Boat Ed’s 5 Safe Boating Tips for the July 4th Weekend

Did you know that historically, July has been by far the most dangerous month for boating accidents and fatalities? Last year was no different with over 900 reported accidents during the month of July, primarily on the weekends. What can we infer from this? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. Boating activity increases during the summer months, and more activity equates[…]

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Impact of recreational boating in the US

The United States of Boating Infographic

Boating is a favorite leisure activity of many people across the country. Boat Ed created this infographic to showcase some of the unique facts that encompass the American boating community. If you like this infographic, please feel free to share it on your site or social media channels. Happy boating, America! Please Embed this Infographic <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-1199″[…]

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