Accidents (7)

Drinking and Boating: A Deadly Mix

Before the thought of drinking on a boat crosses your mind, consider the physical and legal consequences of boating under the influence of alcohol. Not only is operating a boat while intoxicated illegal in all 50 states, it’s also dangerous and can have deadly consequences.

The Common Causes of Drowning

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 398 people drowned in boating-related incidents in 2013. That’s more than one person for every day of the year! A number of these deaths can be prevented by taking proper safety precautions like wearing a life jacket, sailing sober,…

How to Prevent and Manage a Boat Launch Failure

You’re all set for a day out on the boat. You and a couple of friends are kidding about who is going to pull in the biggest fish, and bragging rights are on the table. You’ve launched the boat plenty of times, and you consider…