Types of Boats (6)

A yacht speeds across the water.

A Guide to Boat Safety Equipment for Yachts

Do you own or operate a yacht? If so, it needs the proper safety equipment. Yes, even a luxury vessel like a yacht must follow proper safety guidelines, including meeting all safety equipment and protocol requirements. So, any time you head out on your yacht…

Two kids and a man wearing lifejackets on a fishing boat.

Do I Need a License to Operate Fishing Boats?

If you plan to operate fishing boats, you may be wondering what kind of licensing you need or whether you need one at all. In most cases, the answer is yes, but there are some times when you might not. Also, remember that a license, in this…

A pontoon boat on the water at dusk.

Do I Need a License To Operate a Pontoon Boat?

If you're keen on fishing, sightseeing, or watersports, a pontoon boat might be the best option for a casual day out on the water. However, before you slip on your captain's hat, be sure you're compliant and up to date regarding insurance, safety, and licensing requirements.