Texas adds fishing to state constitution

Texas Supports Anglers with New Law

Congratulations to Texas, which just officially enshrined hunting and fishing in the state constitution with the passage of Proposition 6 in yesterday’s election! Texans have always valued their rights to fish and hunt. This change to the state constitution makes that a permanent part of Texas law. “To me, it is a better guarantee; [hunting, fishing, and the taking of[…]

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young woman holding small dog on a boat

On a Boat Challenge

How many of these boating experiences can you check off? own a boat driving a motorboat riding an inner tube driving the boat while someone else goes tubing water-ski drove a boat while someone else is waterskiing riding a personal watercraft (such as JetSki) been a boat passenger enjoy a picnic on a boat gone kayaking rowed a rowboat paddled[…]

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young girl wearing a life jacket

“I Float!”: Boat Ed Partners With The LV Project

Still from “I Float!” PSA By now most people know the importance of wearing a properly fitted, USCG-approved lifejacket while boating. However, year after year hundreds of people tragically lose their lives on the water while not wearing a lifejacket. Why is that? Well, there’s definitely a stigma associated with wearing lifejackets, especially among teens and adults who feel like[…]

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all is lost poster

Movies at Sea: The 8 Best Boating Movies Ever

Watching movies is always fun, even when the flick is painfully bad. But films are even more enjoyable when they feature our favorite hobby — boating! Below are the Boat Ed team’s choices for our favorite nautical-themed movies: Steamboat Willie image credit: The Walt Disney Company Picked by Megan, Steamboat Willie isn’t just a classic — it’s one of the[…]

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katie and jessie holding flags

Best Friends Set Sail on Incredible Journey

In September 2012, best friends Katie Smith and Jessie Zevalkink left their hometown of Northport, Michigan, on their newly spruced-up boat, Louise. Accompanied only by Katie’s dog, Reggie, the duo traveled to the Bahamas via the Great Loop — 5,000 to 7,500 miles of inland rivers and waterways looping around the eastern half of the U.S. With minimal sailing experience,[…]

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dog in life jacket

Doggone it! How to Boat Safely With Your Pet

Featured pup belongs to the Galley Pirates Slowly acclimate your pet to being on a boat Let your pet explore your boat while it’s secured at the dock so they can get familiar with their surroundings in a controlled environment. Also, try running the engine to make sure they’re comfortable with the noise. You wouldn’t want them to panic at[…]

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Florida Violator Course

Who Needs To Take The Florida Violator Course?

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has partnered with Boat Ed to offer the nation’s first approved defensive boating course — the Florida Safe Boating Course for Violators. Have questions about the course? We have answers for you! Who is considered a “violator”? In Florida, anyone convicted of a criminal boating violation or an infraction that results in a reportable[…]

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Fishing Reel

Go fish! 4 reasons why you should go fishing today

When’s the last time you went fishing? If it’s been a while, or if you never have, consider these four reasons why you should cast your line today! Fishing boosts your mood Stressed? Jump on a boat and cast a line! There’s nothing like hitting the pause button on your hectic life and relaxing in the great outdoors. And, according[…]

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man wearing a life jacket

Lifesaving Style: Which Life Jacket Do You Need?

Thinking of going out on the water without a life jacket? Think again! Life jackets (also known as Personal Floatation Devices–PFDs) can literally be the difference between life and death. Don’t believe me? Well maybe you’ll believe the U.S. Coast Guard, which reported that in 2019 86% of boaters who drowned weren’t wearing life jackets. Plus, it’s a legal requirement[…]

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