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Ventilation systems are crucial. Their purpose is to avoid explosions by removing flammable gases. Properly installed ventilation systems greatly reduce the chance of a life-threatening explosion.

  • The Small Vessel Regulations require that all gasoline-powered boats, constructed in a way that would entrap vapours, must have at least two ventilation ducts fitted with cowls to remove the vapours. At least one exhaust duct must extend from the open atmosphere to the lower bilge. At least one intake duct must extend from a point at least midway to the bilge or below the level of the carburetor air intake.
  • If your pleasure craft is equipped with a power ventilation system, turn it on for at least four minutes in either of these situations:
    • After fueling
    • Before starting the engine
  • If your pleasure craft is not equipped with a power ventilation system (for example, a personal watercraft), open the engine compartment and sniff for gasoline vapours before starting the engine.
Boat on fire
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