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Course Outline

You've completed the material in Unit 2 of the Canada online boating safety course!

You should now:

  • Be able to identify the types and uses of lifejackets, PFDs, buoyant heaving lines, lifebuoys, and reboarding devices, and state the legal requirements.
  • Know the legal requirements for manual propelling devices, anchors, bailers, bilge pumps, fire extinguishers, ignition-protection devices, ventilation systems, mufflers, and engine shut-off lines.
  • Know the legal requirements for visual signals—watertight flashlights and distress flares.
  • Know the legal requirements for sound-signalling equipment and be able to use and interpret sound signals.
  • Know the types and requirements for night navigation lights.
  • Know the legal requirements for magnetic compasses, nautical charts, and radar reflectors.
  • Know who can inspect your pleasure craft.
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