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The new PFD/life jacket label is divided into three sections:

  • Selection and Warning: This section includes the size of the PFD/life jacket, performance information, etc.
  • Certification and Approval: This section includes the USCG approval number, manufacturer’s information, etc.
  • Care and Maintenance: This section includes information relating to the care and maintenance of the PFD/life jacket. No matter if you are looking at an old label or a new one, here are three things you should focus on:
    • User weight
    • Chest size
    • USCG approval number
New life jacket/PFD label with user weight, chest size, and USCG approved called out

This is an example of what a new life jacket label looks like. Regardless of the label, make sure you read it, always look for the USCG approval number, and ensure you pay close attention to directions or recommendations on the label.

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