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Boat creating a wake

Hawaii law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Improper Speed or Distance is not maintaining a proper speed and distance while operating a vessel. Specifically, it is illegal to operate a vessel:

  • In an area marked as restricted for bathing or swimming, even though not all designated swim areas are marked with buoys
  • At a rate of speed that is greater than is reasonable under existing conditions and circumstances such as distance to the shoreline, anchored or moored vessels in the vicinity, width of the channel, or vessel traffic
  • At a rate of speed that does not allow the operator to bring the vessel to a stop within the clear distance ahead
  • At greater than “slow-no-wake speed” within 200 feet of a:
    • Shore or congested beach (Note: It is illegal to operate a thrill craft at greater than “slow-no-wake speed” within 300 feet of the shore.)
    • Float, dock, or launch ramp
    • Swimmer or diver-down flag
    • Moored, anchored, or drifting vessel
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