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Here are some additional facts about registering your vessel.

  • Every vessel, except for those propelled by a motor less than 10 horsepower, must be titled.
  • The Certificate of Number and registration stickers are valid for one year. Registration may be renewed at any time within 90 days preceding expiration.
  • Owners of vessels who have applied for registration may operate the vessel if they have a valid temporary certificate of number on board the vessel.
  • Owners must register their vessels and have proof of liability insurance before they may obtain a mooring permit for a Hawaii DLNR facility.
  • Owners of trailered vessels must pay an annual fee for a boat ramp permit decal at the time of registration or renewal. This decal is required before a vessel trailer may be operated at a state ramp. The boat ramp permit decal must be affixed to each side of the forward end of the boat trailer’s tongue.
  • The owner of a numbered vessel must notify the Hawaii DLNR within seven days if:
    • He or she changes address or telephone number.
    • The vessel is destroyed, abandoned, or sold.
  • Vessels registered in another state may operate on Hawaii waters for 60 consecutive days before Hawaii registration is required.
  • If you lose or destroy your Certificate of Number or sticker, you must apply to the Hawaii DLNR for a duplicate within seven days and submit a processing fee.
  • Larger recreational vessels owned by U.S. citizens may (at the option of the owner) be documented by the USCG. Call the USCG at 1-800-799-8362 for more information.
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