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Boat creating a wake

New Jersey law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Improper Speed or Distance is not maintaining a proper speed and/or distance while operating a vessel. Specifically, the following operations are illegal:

  • Operating a vessel at a distance from other vessels or at a speed that exceeds safe and reasonable limits given the waterway traffic, marked speed limits, weather, and other boating conditions
  • Causing damage or injury from the wake of your vessel
  • Operating any power vessel in a marked “slow speed/no wake” area at greater than “no wake” speed; power vessels also may not be on plane in such a marked area.
  • Exceeding “slow speed/no wake” when passing:
    • Vessels not under command such as anchored vessels
    • Work barges or floats that are engaged in construction
    • Emergency vessels (displaying flashing lights)
    • Within 200 feet of a marina, pier, dock, or wharf
    • Through bridge openings of 400 feet or less in width
    • Through lagoons, canals, or confined areas less than 200 feet in width
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