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Before allowing others to drive your PWC:

  • Check that they meet the minimum age and boater education requirements for PWC operators.
  • Tell them that they have the same responsibilities as other vessel operators.
  • If they are new to operating a PWC, have them practice in an uncrowded area first. While near shore, show how to start and reboard the PWC properly.
  • Be sure to explain how to steer and control the PWC. Remind them to keep plenty of distance from other vessels and that power is required for steering control!
  • Point out that it is easy to have so much fun that you forget to watch where you are going. Tell them to make sure the area is clear before making a turn.
Person giving instruction to a youth passenger sitting on PWC

Carefully explain all the important safety and operating points before allowing someone to operate your PWC. Never allow someone too young or too inexperienced to operate alone.

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