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PWC in shallow water kicking up sediment

When operating your PWC or other jet-propelled watercraft, always consider the effect you may have on the environment.

  • Make sure that the water you operate in is at least 30 inches deep. Riding in shallow water can cause bottom sediments or aquatic vegetation to be sucked into the pump, damaging your PWC and the environment.
  • Avoid causing erosion by operating at slow speeds and by not creating a wake when operating near shore or in narrow streams or rivers.
  • Do not dock or beach your PWC in reeds and grasses. This could damage fragile environments.
  • Take extra care when fueling your PWC in or near the water. Oil and gasoline spills are very detrimental to the aquatic environment. Fuel on land if possible.
  • Never use your PWC to disturb, chase, or harass wildlife.
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