Naming Your Boat? Go Crazy With These Funny Names

Naming a boat is a ceremonious tradition, akin to naming a child. But unlike a child, your boat’s name is plastered on it for all to see, a reflection of the person operating it—you! So if you like to play it safe, go ahead and name your boat “Serenity” or “Seas the Day.” But if you’re a risk taker, maybe these unique names will tickle your fancy:




Were you a star athlete in your heyday (or are you the current office ping pong champion)? Then Reeflex is a great name for your boat!

“Who Cares”

who cares


For those of us who just can’t be bothered.


pug boat


Pug lover? Of course you are. I mean, who doesn’t love pugs?! If you’re drawing a blank in the name department, pay tribute to your favorite canines with the name “Pugboat.” (“Pug Life” is another viable option.)

“Wood Too” and “Wood Not”


For the couple that can’t seem to agree!

“Pier Pressure”

pier pressure

Find yourself being constantly forced out with friends when you’d rather be at home alone eating ice cream and watching Netflix? Then Pier Pressure is an appropriate name for your boat.




Immature and you know it? Then FartButt is the name for you!

While you mull over the name of your future, or current, boat don’t forget that you can’t cruise until you’re certified! Get your boater education card at