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Iowa law states that these also are illegal operating practices.

Interference With Search or Rescue is operating a vessel in areas where search-and-rescue operations are being conducted or in an area affected by a natural disaster, unless authorized to be there by the officer in charge of the operation. If authorized to enter, you must operate your vessel at a “slow, no wake speed” and keep clear of all vessels engaged in the search-and-rescue or disaster operation.

Leaving Vessel Unattended is leaving an unattended vessel tied or moored to a dock that is located immediately adjacent to a public boat launching ramp or to a dock that is posted for loading and unloading. It also is illegal to leave a vessel anchored away from the shore and unattended unless it is attached to a mooring buoy. Permits are required for using a mooring buoy. Applications may be obtained through the IA DNR.

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