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Oklahoma law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Overloading or Overpowering is loading a vessel with passengers or gear beyond the recommended capacity or powering a vessel beyond the recommended horsepower. The recommended capacity and horsepower are those shown on the capacity plate installed by the manufacturer or those recommended by the USCG.

Riding on the Bow, Deck, Gunwale, or Seat Back is allowing passengers to ride where there may be a chance of falling overboard while operating at greater than “slow, no wake speed” or “idle speed.” Specifically, the following practices are unlawful:

  • Sitting or riding on the gunwales or the back of any seat on a boat while underway at a speed greater than idle speed
  • Sitting or riding on the covered bow or front or back deck of a boat while underway at greater than idle speed unless the boat has side walkways or walk-through access to areas that are surrounded by life rails, deck rails, bow rails, or other enclosures extending at least 24 inches above the deck
  • Extending an arm or leg over the edge of the boat above or below the railing, or standing on the covered bow of a boat traveling at greater than idle speed

Hazardous Condition is operating a vessel in a condition that causes a hazard to those on board. For any of the following problems, peace officers may instruct the operator to return to mooring and remain there until the problem is fixed.

  • There are insufficient personal flotation devices, fire extinguishers, backfire flame arrestors, or navigation lights.
  • The vessel is overloaded or overpowered.
  • Any other unsafe condition exists.
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