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Georgia Buoy Marking a Hazardous Area

Certain areas have been designated and marked as “hazardous areas” because of conditions that create a threat to the safety and welfare of boaters. When operating within a “hazardous area,” all passengers in a vessel must wear a USCG–approved PFD that is properly fitted and fastened.

Video: Georgia Angler-Related Accidents

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Video Transcript

So I like to fish; I’m a fisherman, and I think it’s pretty simple, right? If you’re on the water as a fisherman, all the same rules apply as to when you’re boating.

Corporal Julian Wilkins

Yeah, you’re exactly right. One thing that comes to mind is the safety equipment you’re required to have on boats all the time, which are primarily life jackets, fire extinguishers, and lights. Those kinds of things, boaters have got to have, too, if they’re on the water. The life jackets, you know, you should wear them if you can. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear a life jacket nowadays. They’re comfortable; they’re cool. And, you know, that’s the only way it’s going to save you is if you’re wearing it, the life jacket.


Can you think of an incident that might accentuate the point that fishermen need to do the same things?

Corporal Wilkins

Well, I’ve got one or two that come to mind. One of them, we worked a boat incident where a guy was found floating in the water on Lake Russell. He was by himself when he went fishing that day, and we don’t know for sure if he leaned over to get a fish up, or maybe his line was tangled up and he was trying to free his line. But anyway, when we found him, his trawling motor and all was still down. He was floating in the water. Of course, he did not have a life jacket on, and he had them in the boat. But, you know, having them in the boat’s no good for you if you don’t have it on. So that’s one thing that comes to mind. He should have had the life jacket on.


And I think in some ways, when you’re out there by yourself, you’re at high risk because if something happens, you’ve got to save yourself. So you’ve got to make sure you have all the safety equipment, and the same rules apply as in boating, I think is the moral of the story.

Corporal Wilkins

And be extra careful when you’re by yourself.


Thank you.