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PWC jumping wake of a boat; prohibited sign on the image

PWC may not be operated between sunset and sunrise.

PWC must be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner.

  • A PWC, operating at more than idle speed, may not run around, ride or jump the wake of, or be within 100 feet of another moving boat or PWC unless it is overtaking the other boat in compliance with the rules for encountering other boats. When a PWC is overtaking another boat, it must not change course to ride or jump the wake of the boat being overtaken.
  • A PWC must be operated at idle speed if within 100 feet of a:
    • Vessel not underway or adrift
    • Dock, pier, or bridge
    • Person(s) in the water
    • Shoreline adjacent to a residence
    • Public park or beach or a swimming area
    • Marina, a restaurant, or any other public-use area
  • It is illegal to rent, lease, or let for hire a PWC to a person under the age of 16 years.

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