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It’s also really important to know where everybody is on your boat for things like carbon monoxide.

Sergeant Mike Barr

Carbon monoxide is a clear, odorless gas that can be lethal. Every gasoline engine on a boat produces that as a result of burning the gasoline. You need to be aware of where your passengers are in the boat and where that carbon monoxide stream is as your passengers or skiers are out there enjoying your boating day. Reminds me of an incident we had on Allatoona Lake. A seven-year-old girl was riding on a ski platform on a boat. They had enjoyed a day of pleasure boating, and she suddenly passed out. We responded to the call, and we found out at the hospital she had carbon monoxide poisoning. She recovered, but it’s a severe concern—especially for a smaller child because it collects in their body faster. Be aware of where your passengers are in the boat, and realize that behind that motorized vessel, you’ve got carbon monoxide. You have to regulate who is in the path of the carbon monoxide.

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