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People swimming in the area designated for swimming; buoy says Swim Area.

Georgia law designates the following dangerous operating practices as illegal.

Reckless Operation of a boat or PWC is the disregard for the safety of persons or property. Examples are:

  • Water-skiing or dropping water-skiers close to swimmers, launching ramps, or other boaters
  • Jumping the wake of another boat within 100 feet of that boat or buzzing other boats
  • Causing damage from the wake of your boat or PWC

Improper Distance is not maintaining a proper distance while operating a boat or PWC or while towing a person on water skis or any similar device. The following operations are illegal.

  • Operating a boat or PWC or towing a person on water skis or any similar device at greater than “idle speed” within 100 feet of a:
    • Moored or anchored boat or any boat that is adrift
    • Dock, pier, or bridge
    • Person(s) in the water
    • Shoreline adjacent to a full- or part-time residence
    • Public park or beach or a swimming area
    • Marina, restaurant, or other public-use area
  • Running around or within 100 feet of another boat at greater than idle speed unless you are overtaking or meeting the other boat in compliance with the rules for encountering other boats
  • Following closely behind another boat, jumping the wake of the other boat, or changing course or direction in order to jump the wake of another boat
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