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The following vessels must be titled:

  • Any vessel with a permanently attached mode of propulsion (for example, inboards, stern drives, personal watercraft or PWC, and sailboats) and model year 2000 or newer
  • Vessels over 12 feet in length with an outboard motor

The Certificate of Registration expires on December 31 of each year. Renewal notices are mailed to owners of previously registered vessels. You may renew by mail, on the Internet, or at a boat license vendor or county motor vehicle (MVD) office.

  • By mail: Send Part A of the renewal form and your renewal fee to the IDPR, Registration Section.
  • On the Internet: Go to, and click on “Registrations and Permits.” You will need the personal identification number (PIN) and sticker number shown on the renewal form.
  • At a vendor or MVD office: Take the entire renewal form to any boat license vendor or county MVD office. After you pay the renewal fee, the registration form will be validated and you will receive your new registration stickers.

If you change your address; if you sell, abandon, or destroy your vessel; or if your vessel is stolen, you must contact IDPR within 15 days.

If you lose or destroy your Certificate of Registration or validation stickers, you must apply to IDPR for a duplicate and submit a processing fee.

Larger recreational vessels owned by U.S. citizens may (at the option of the owner) be documented by the USCG. Call the USCG at 1-800-799-8362 for more information.

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