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Carbon monoxide detector - Do Not Paint - Move to fresh air in case of alarm - CO Sentinel - Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Before each boating trip, you should:

  • Make sure you know where the exhaust outlets are located on your boat.
  • Educate all passengers about the symptoms of CO poisoning and where CO may accumulate.
  • Confirm that water flows from the exhaust outlet when the engines and generator are started.
  • Listen for any change in exhaust sound, which could indicate an exhaust component failure.
  • Test the operation of each CO detector by pressing the test button.

At least monthly, you should:

  • Make sure all exhaust clamps are in place and secure.
  • Look for leaks from exhaust system components. Signs include rust and/or black streaking, water leaks, or corroded or cracked fittings.
  • Inspect rubber exhaust hoses for burns, cracks, or deterioration.

At least annually, have a qualified marine technician check the engine and exhaust system.

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