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All motorboats operating on Maine internal waters must display the Lake and River Protection Sticker. This sticker shows that your motorboat complies with the Preserve Maine Waters program.

  • For motorboats registered in Maine, this sticker is part of the validation sticker and must be displayed on both sides of the motorboat.
  • Owners of motorboats not registered in Maine must purchase separate Lake and River Protection Stickers.
    • The stickers must be affixed to both sides of the bow, three inches to the right of the registration sticker and immediately to the right of the motorboat’s validation sticker.
    • The stickers are non-transferable.
    • The stickers may be purchased from most Registration Agents or from the MDIFW main office in Augusta. The fee is $45.
  • Motorboats operating only in territorial waters do not need to display a Lake and River Protection Sticker.
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