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All watercraft on federally controlled waters are required to have a Type B USCG–approved fire extinguisher on board if one or more of the following conditions exist.

  • Inboard engine
  • Double-bottoms that are not sealed to the hull or that are not filled completely with flotation materials
  • Closed living spaces
  • Closed compartments where portable fuel tanks may be stored or in which flammable or combustible materials may be stored
  • Permanently installed fuel tanks

On Maine waters, an outboard watercraft less than 26 feet in length that is not carrying passengers for hire is not required to have a fire extinguisher on board if the watercraft is constructed in a way that does not permit the entrapment of explosive or flammable gases or vapors.

Even if a fire extinguisher is not required on your watercraft, it is recommended that you always carry one on board in case of an emergency.

Approved types of fire extinguishers are identified by the following marking on the label—“Marine Type USCG Approved”—followed by the type and size symbols and the approval number.

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