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Introducing non-native species into South Dakota waters is illegal.

  • No person may launch or attempt to launch a boat or boat trailer into state waters with an aquatic invasive species (AIS) attached or on board.
    • Except for emergency response boats, all trailered boats must have all drain plugs, bailers, valves, or other water drainage devices opened or removed unless the boat is in a boat ramp parking area, being launched or loaded, or en route from a body of water to an immediately adjacent fish cleaning station.
    • Any boat or boat trailer may be inspected by a department representative who may require the removal of aquatic vegetation and AIS from any boat, motor, trailer, and associated equipment. If an AIS is found during inspection, a department-approved decontamination process, specific to the AIS present, is required before launching or transporting the boat to other waters.
  • To help protect South Dakota waters:
    • Inspect your boat, trailer, and equipment, and remove any visible plants, animals, or mud you see before leaving the area.
    • Drain all water from your boat, motor, live wells, ballasts, and bilge on land before leaving the area.
    • Dispose of unwanted bait in the trash. Never release or dump live bait into a body of water or release aquatic animals from one body of water into another.
    • Rinse or dry your boat, trailer, and fishing equipment to remove or kill species that were not visible when you left a body of water. Before transporting to another body of water, rinse your vessel with high pressure and/or hot water or air-dry it for at least five days.
    • Learn to identify AIS, and report any suspected sighting to the nearest SDGFP office.
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