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The procedure for buying or selling, or otherwise acquiring, a vessel or motor is outlined here. The steps are essentially the same whether the “seller” is a marine dealer or an individual or whether the “buyer” is purchasing a new or pre-owned vessel.

  • The seller completes the appropriate application form(s).
    • PWD 143, the blue-striped form, is used to buy or sell a new or used vessel.
    • PWD 144, the green-striped form, is used to buy or sell an outboard motor.
  • The buyer reviews and signs the form(s), and the seller assigns the title(s) to the buyer (if titles have been issued).
  • This procedure must be completed no later than 20 days from the date of purchase in order to avoid a penalty. The following items are submitted to TPWD.
    • Completed and signed blue and green application forms.
    • Assigned titles, bill of sale, or proof of registration (supporting documents; Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin, also known as MSO; titles; etc.).
    • All required state fees and sales tax (listed on back of the forms). Note: Fees are based on the size of your vessel, so be sure you know the length before selling or buying a vessel.
  • TPWD will send the buyer a new title and Certificate of Number in the buyer’s name.
Texas Vessel-Boat Application - PWD 143

PWD 143: The blue-striped form

Texas Outboard Motor Application - PWD 144

PWD 144: The green-striped form

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