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Protect the lakes you love—stop invasive species.

  • Do your part to protect Texas waters—Clean, drain, and dry!
    • CLEAN: Before leaving the ramp, do a “walk around” inspection. Remove any plants, mussels, and other debris from the boat, trailer, and gear.
    • DRAIN: Drain your boat, motor, bait buckets, and other water-retaining compartments. Keep your drain plug out until you get home.
    • DRY: Let boat dry for a week or more before visiting another lake. Leave all compartments open and gear out to air-dry. If you aren’t able to dry it this long, then wash everything thoroughly.
  • It is illegal to transport invasive species or to leave a public water body without draining all water and removing all harmful plants and animals from your boat and trailer.
  • If you see zebra mussels attached to a boat, call TPWD at 1-800-792-4263.
  • For more information, visit the Texas Invasives website.
Hydrilla on boat
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