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Diver-down flag: red flag with white diagonal stripe

Diving is a popular sport, and divers can be found in areas shared with recreational boaters. As diving’s popularity increases, it becomes more important for both boaters and divers to take special precautions.

  • As a vessel operator, you should:
    • Be able to recognize a diver-down flag, a red flag with a white diagonal stripe, floating in the area of the divers.
    • Stay the legal distance away from a diver-down flag. Do not drive your vessel between a diver-down flag and a nearby shore.
    • Watch out for divers surfacing when you see a diver-down flag. Bubbles may indicate that a diver is below.
  • For their own safety, divers should:
    • Always display the diver-down flag and stay close to the flag.
    • Use a stable boat that is suited for diving and anchor the boat securely.
    • Avoid overloading the vessel with people, equipment, or supplies.
    • Never dive or snorkel alone.
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