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People swimming in the area designated for swimming; buoy says Swim Area.

Alabama law designates certain dangerous operating practices as illegal. The following are examples of illegal and dangerous operation.

Reckless Operation of a vessel, or reckless manipulation of water skis or similar devices, is the failure to exercise the care necessary to protect the life, safety, or property of others. Some examples of reckless operation are:

  • Operating in violation of the navigation rules
  • Jumping the wake of another vessel unnecessarily close to that vessel, or encircling or buzzing another vessel or person in the water
  • Operating within 100 feet of a diver-down flag
  • Weaving your vessel through congested waterway traffic or swerving at the last possible moment in order to avoid collision

Careless Operation of a vessel is operating in a negligent, careless, or inattentive manner that endangers the life, safety, or property of others. Some examples of careless operation are:

  • Operating a vessel not equipped with the required safety equipment
  • Failing to maintain a proper lookout for other vessels or persons in the water
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